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The Yard: an odyssey in oxidation.

"On almost any given weekend in the summer you could drive in almost any direction and find a classic car show within minutes. Most of these vehicles are restored or customized better than they were when they first rolled off the assembly line decades ago. Visit any bookstore and you’ll find abundant volumes and calendars with countless photos of these rebirths from the fifties and sixties in prime condition. I chose to photograph them in a less attractive state, one of incubation or waiting. Each vehicle had its own story and a unique character. Finding a few of these cars in this condition today would be rare if not impossible, but this single yard that I had stumbled upon was a true treasure trove. The lines, curves, chrome and styling that created these classics will probably never appear again on a modern day assembly-line whether in Japan, Korea, Europe or the USA. "

– Ben Palmeri